Lisbon Winter School in Research Skills and Methods
From 29th January to 8th February – 6th edition of the Lisbon Winter School in Research Skills and Methods at FCSH/NOVA. Registrations open until 16th January!
Minesweeper "adopted" by IHC
As part of the research work by Paulo Costa, PhD student at NOVA FCSH, and the "Adopt a Wreck" program, the Roberto Ivens minesweeper was adopted by the Institute of Contemporary History.
Study estimates buildings potential to receive green roofs
Innovative research uses a methodology based on modeling and 3D analysis to quantify the green area at soil level and it’s potential if applied on a rooftop.
CICS.NOVA study wins Best Paper award
NOVA FCSH researchers' award-winning work concludes that the recent intervention in the Central Axis of Lisbon has increased urban comfort.
Pluralism at risk in Europe
Center for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom analyzed pluralism in the European media and concluded that no country is risk free. In Portugal the study was coordinated by CIC.Digital.
Portuguese Language course for foreign students
Come learn or improve your knowledge of Portuguese language and culture. Enrolment is now open!
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Academic Examinations
Prova de Mestrado em Ensino do Inglês do 1º Ciclo do Ensino Básico
Ana Elisa Barradas de Matos
Influence of Phonics Teaching on Young EFL Learners' Pronunciation
Prova de Mestrado em Arqueologia
Isabel Maria Lopes Ribeiro da Cruz
A faiança portuguesa na Rua Serpa Pinto 65 (Vila Franca de Xira) e as vivências do quotidiano da ...
Prova de Mestrado em Estudos Portugueses
Bárbara Ribeiro Gonçalves
Letras Brasileiras, Papéis Portugueses: publicação e publicidade da literatura do Brasil nas ...
Prova de Mestrado em Ensino de Inglês no 1º Ciclo do Ensino Básico
Maria da Graça Machado de Oliveira Alexandre
Using Pair Work to Promote Students' Oral Interaction
Prova de Mestrado em Ciências da Comunicação
Maria Joana Cabral Futre
Editoria de Cultura: à descoberta de padrões na Agência Lusa
Prova de Mestrado em Jornalismo
Daniela Pereira Rebouta
O internacional num jornal popular - Correio da Manhã: análise do caso da Catalunha
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Call for Papers