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International students who do not possess Portuguese nationality can apply for Special Candidacy for Access and Entry, except for the following situations:

  • National students of a Member State of the European Union;
  • Students who are not national of an EU Member State, legally resident in Portugal for more than two years, uninterrupted, on August 31 of the year they wish to enter higher education legally resident and the children with them;
  • Students who require access to higher education under the special access arrangements negotiated between the Portuguese State and their countries of origin, including the special access and entry schemes regulated by Decree-Law No. 393-A / 99, October 2, as amended by Decree-Law No. 272/2009 of 1 October;
  • Students of international mobility under an exchange agreement for this purpose.


Placement notices

The placement notices regarding applications for the academic year 2016/2017 will be published here.


Which programmes can I apply for?

The competition creates a special access regime, with specific vacancies to be fixed each year, and is administered by each Faculty. Thus, foreign nationals wishing to attend an undergraduate course at Nova School of Social Sciences and Humanitiescan apply annually to the vacancies available under this special contest.

Courses Vacancies
Anthropology 10
Archaeology 6
Political Science and International Relations 16
Communication Sciences 19
Language Sciences 4
Musicology 10
Portuguese Studies 4
Philosophy 5
Geography and Regional Planning 12
History 9
History of Art 9
Languages, Literatures and Cultures 16
Sociology 11
Sociology (after-work schedule) 5
Translation 12


Necessary documents

  • Photocopy of ID card / passport;
  • Document proving high school graduation or equivalent Portuguese or document proving completion of high school or another enabling access to higher education in the country of origin, validated by official entities (Ex .: Consulate of Portugal, abroad or Directorate General of Higher Education in Portugal);
  • Letter of Intent (in Portuguese).

Conditions of Entry

  • Proof of the level of proficiency in Portuguese, written and / or oral (minimum access level: B2). The material that's focused on the written exams and / or oral will be announced in the opening notice of applications;
  • The evidence will be tailored to student's particular conditions at the time of application, mainly through videoconferencing;
  • They are exempted from performing these tests:

a) Candidates who have completed secondary / or equivalent education in Portuguese-speaking countries;

b) Applicants who have completed secondary / or equivalent education in Portugal or in school education minister in Portuguese.

Specific academic qualification for entry into higher education, in the field corresponding to the entrance examinations set for the degree in question.

Seedings criteria

  • The original classification, when converted to notes on the scale of the Portuguese classification;
  • Assessment of the letter of intent.

The jury's assessment of the ranking criteria will be appointed by the Scientific Council of the Nova School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Legal framework

Decree-Law No. 36_2014 - Statute of the International Student

Statute of the Application Regulation of International Student Nova School of Social Sciences and Humanities - Special Competition for Access and Admission to Degrees


Application notices

See public notice

Mode of payment

Each application requires the payment of 70€ and can be done in the following ways:

  • ATM;
  • In person at the Treasury (Tower B, Level 1), if you wish to pay by cash or check;
  • Bank transfer:


IBAN PT50 0035 0127 00040988930 77


Currency EUR

The destination of the (International Student + name / candidate / a + name (s) degree (s) you are applying)

Proof of sending (w / indication of the name of the source account holder):

NCRI - Cooperation Center and International Relations



The annual amount set for undergraduate tuition fees for international students of the year 2017/2018 is €3500,00 (subject to further update), which can be paid via cash machines (ATM) or in the Faculty’s Treasury, and in two modes:

· In total - €3500,00/year

· In two instalments:

1st Instalment - €1750,00 upon registration / enrolment
2nd Instalment - € 1750,00 until 31st December 2017 (only for 1st phase students).

School Insurance - €2,50 to be paid upon registration / enrolment

Administrative cost - €35,00 to be paid upon registration / enrolment

For more information on the allocation of financial support for international students, please contact the NCRI - Cooperation Center and International Relations



NCRI - Cooperation Center and International Relations
Tel: + 351 21 790 83 32
Skype: NOVA FCSH- International Student


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