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Admissions & Contacts

Admissions & Contacts

Applications for an undergraduate program at NOVA FCSH through the special contest for International Students applies to:

- Students that wish to pursue an undergraduate degree at NOVA FCSH, with no previous experience at the undergraduate level of studies;

- Students that started their undergraduate studies at a different institution and that wish to complete their studies at NOVA FCSH, crediting their previous academic experience (after the admission in the course).

Applications 2019/2020 – 1st intake



Relevant dates

Availability of information for application

Until July 3rd 2019

Application period

July 3rd to July 17th 2019

Publication of the results

Until August 9th 2019

Presentation of claims

August 19th to August 30th 2019


September 9th to September 13th 2019


How to apply

The application is online, at the application platform of NOVA FCSH. The applicant needs to upload the following documents:

  • Digital copy of ID card / passport;
  • Document proving Portuguese high school graduation or equivalent; or document proving completion of high school or another enabling access to higher education in the country of origin, validated by official entities (Ex .: Consulate of Portugal, abroad or Directorate General of Higher Education in Portugal), referring the final grade of the course;
  • Letter of Intent (written in Portuguese);
  • Document proving proficiency in Portuguese language, written and / or oral (minimum access level: B2). Students that have completed secondary or equivalent education in Portuguese-speaking countries or students who have completed secondary or equivalent education in Portugal or in school education ministered in Portuguese are exempted of presenting this document.
  • Declaration of honor.

The application for each course requires the payment of 70€. This payment can be completed through the following means:

  • ATM (in Portugal);
  • In person at the Treasury of NOVA FCSH (Tower B, Level 1), if you wish to pay by cash or card;
  • Bank transfer:

IBAN PT50 0035 0127 00040988930 77
Currency EUR

Mandatory information, as the transfer is made to NOVA FCSH:

The purpose of the transfer (International Student Application + name of the candidate + degree(s) you are applying to).

A copy of the proof of transfer should be sent to (with the indication of the name of the source account holder).


Who can apply

As stated by the Decree-Law n.º 36/2014, republished by the Decree-Law n.º 62/2018, an International student is a student who does not possess Portuguese nationality, except for the following situations:

  • Nationals of the European Union Member-States;
  • Applicants who are relatives of Portuguese nationals or of nationals of a European Union Member State*;
  • applicants who have legally resided in Portugal for more than two years, uninterruptedly, on the 1st of January of the year of admission, or are children of parents in this situation**;
  • applicants who have been granted (on the 1st of January of the year of admission) equality of rights and duties under an international treaty between the Portuguese State and the State of which the applicant is national;
  • applicants who have requested admission through the special access and admission regimes regulated by the Decree-Law No. 393-A/99, of October 2, as amended by the Decree-Law No. 272/2009, of October 1;
  • International mobility students, under an exchange agreement for this purpose.

* The Pursuant to point e) of the article 2 of Law nº. 37/2006, of August 9th

** The time of the residence with residence permit for studies, granted by the Immigration and Borders Service Of Portugal, even if duly proven, does not account for the purposes of this paragraph.


Conditions for Application

The requisites for applying are the following:

a) Conclusion of secondary education or its equivalent;

b) Academic qualification for the application to Higher Education courses, in the subjects that correspond to the access exams for national applicants, in the respective course;

c) Proficiency in Portuguese language, written and oral (minimum access level: B2).


Application notices

Consult the notice

Which programmes can I apply to?

Foreign nationals wishing to attend an undergraduate course at Nova School of Social Sciences and Humanities can apply annually to the vacancies available under this special contest for International Students:







Political Science and International Relations


Communication Sciences


Language Sciences




Portuguese Studies




Geography and Regional Planning




History of Art


Languages, Literatures and Cultures




Sociology (after-work schedule)





Ranking criteria

  • The original classification of secondary studies, when converted to the scale of Portuguese classification (weighing of 80%);
  • Assessment of the letter of intent classification (weighing of 20%).

The students that attended the Foundation Semester at NOVA in 2018/19 and are approved in the NOVA FCSH’s subjects and in the Foundation Semester altogether are guaranteed a vacancy in this contest, upon application and the meeting of eligibility criteria.

Final results are expressed by the mention – “colocado” (placed) or “não colocado” (not placed). Final results are published on this webpage (Placement notices).

Tuition Fees

The annual amount set for undergraduate tuition fees for international students for the academic year 2019/2020 is € 3500.

School Insurance - €2,50 to be paid upon registration / enrolment

Administrative cost - €35 to be paid upon registration / enrolment

For more information on the allocation of financial support for international students, please contact NEIMA - International Students & Exchange Office.



NEIMA - International Students & Exchange Office
Tel: + 351 21 790 83 32

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