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Where is the ID - Research and PhDs Documentation Centre?

The ID - Research and PhDs Documentation Centre is located in the ID building of the Faculty of Human Sciences and Humanities, on the 1st Floor.


What are the opening hours of the ID- Research and PhDs Documentation Centre?

During semesters:
Monday to Friday, from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Closed on Saturdays
11 to 22 August: Closed


Who can use the ID - Research and PhDs Documentation Centre?

The collection present in the ID - Research and PhDs Documentation Centre is mainly orientated towards researchers and postgraduate students associated with the Research Units, however it may be used by any interested reader, independently of their academic qualifications or any links to FCSH.


How is the Documentation Centre organized?

The ID - Research and PhDs Documentation Centre makes the archives of the following Research Units available:

Scientific Areas
Documentation Centre
Communication Sciences
CIMJ - Journalism and Media Research Centre
Language Sciences
CLUNL - Linguistics Research Centre of the Universidade Nova de
Artistic Studies

CESEM - Musical Aesthetics and Sociological Studies Research Centre

IHA - Institute for the History of Art

Literary Studies

CEIL - Literary Imaginary Research Centre

CETAPS - Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies - FCSH Branch

IELT - Traditional Literature Research Institute

IEMo - Institute for Studies on Modernism


IFL - Philosophy of Language Institute
History and Archaeology

CEH - Historical Studies Centre

CHAM - Overseas History Research Centre

CHC - Cultural History Research Centre

IHC - Contemporary History Institute

Sociology, Anthropology, Demography e Geography

CESNOVA - Centre for Sociological Studies of the Universidade
Nova de Lisboa

CRIA - Anthropology Network Research Centre - FCSH Branch

e-GEO - Geography and Regional Planning Research Centre


How can I search the catalogue?

To carry out a general search of the catalogue, just type the term(s) in any of the fields available for this purpose. If you wish to only search the database of a particular Research Unit, it is necessary to choose, in the lower part of the search screen. Serach the catalogue here.


How can I borrow a book?

Loans are exclusively available to associated or integrated researchers, who can only borrow books beloging their Research Unit. Users who are not associated as such, as well as associated users who wish to request materials from other Research Unit, require prior authorisation given by Research Units responsible researcher.

Loan procedure: The R&D Documentation Centre offers users three distinct ways of borrowing books.

a) One day loan. This is aimed at researchers and students who wish to have short term use of up to six documents at the same time.

b) Two week loan. This allows users to take up to six documents for a period of two weeks. It is possible to ask for a renewal for another two weeks, as long as there have been no other requests to use the same materials.

c) Loans to project coordinators. The aim of this procedure is to support research projects, which must be suitably authorised by the Research Units responsible researcher. Those making this request may, through making this Requisition from project coordinators, ask for an indefinite number of documents for the length which they believe the research project will last.


How can I renew a book?

Renewals are permitted for a period of two weeks, as long as there are no loan requests on a waiting list. The loan may be renewed either in person, or through email to the following address:, or by telephone, through the number +351 217 908 300.

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