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Where is the BMSC?

The Mário Sottomayor Cardia Library (BMSC) is located on the campus of Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, in Torre B, 1st Floor.


What are the opening hours of BMSC?

Monday to friday, from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm.
Saturdays, from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm.


How can I become a BMSC user?

There are two categories of BMSC user: internal users and external users. Internal users of the BMSC are enrolled students, professors, researchers and administrative staff at Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, in possession of an Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities card. External users are all those users not covered by the first paragraph.


How do I borrow a book?

A loan request is made at library helpdesk through the presentation of an Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities card. The home loan system does not include the loaning of documents classified as reserved, reference books, theses, non-book materials, donations or periodicals.


How can I renew a book?

Renewals are permitted as long as no other user as an hold on your book. The loan may be renewed either at Library helpdesk or through email to the following address:


How can I obtain photocopies of BMSC books?

There are self-service photocopying facilities in the Library, through the acquisition of a card which is obtained from the Bursary (Tesouraria) Services ofFaculty of Social Sciences and Humanities-UNL, provided that such activity complies with the applicable legislation, and especially the provisions of the Authors Rights Code and the Associated Rights. The BMSC is not responsible for any violation of the Law due to the practices of its users.


How can I access the electronic material subscribed to by UNL?

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities provides access to several international databases of academic publications and articles, many of these in full-text format. To freely access these electronic resources you should use a computer connected to the campus network or access Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities remotely through a VPN connection (accessible only to students, teachers, researchers and staff Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities).

The instructions for configuring VPN access are available on the intranet FCSH in the Library section. If you have not requested a VPN access to the FCSH IT Office, you may do so by sending an email to with the following data:
- Subject: Acesso VPN
- Full Name
- No. of Student
- Course
- Study Cycle

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