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Reference and Searching

This service aims to provide the necessary information and guidelines which will lead to a better use of the Library resources.



Users may use the Library Reading Room during the opening hours of the library. All users have free access to the materials available in the Reading Room that are organised according to the main categories of the Universal Decimal Classification – UDC.

In addition to the existing books located in the Reading Room on open access, there are other funds on deposit, which may be required to consult in the Reading Room or for Home Loan.

Also on deposit there are some donations, to be required, exclusively, to consult in the Reading Room.


Information Dissemination

This service promotes the dissemination of informative content and resources in the areas of research carried out by FCSH researchers and Research Units.

Part of this service includes the management of electronic information resources thus providing easy access and use of this information. The Library webpage provides access to a collection of online information resources, namely catalogs, academic and technical informational databases and electronic journals.



Home loans are reserved to internal users in possession of an Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. Loans are made at the Library helpdesk through the presentation of Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities card.


Inter-library Loans

This service aims to ensure internal users of Library access to bibliographical, documental and informational resources that are not in our collection, by resorting to requesting them from other national or international library. As this is a reciprocal agreement, this service enables other institutions to be able to benefit from the same resources available at the Library.

Inter-library loans should be made directly to the Library, either at the helpdesk, through filling in a form, or through email to the following address:

Inter-library loans to BMSC internal users.
This service is designed for users who wish to consult resources which are not available at the Library.

Inter-library loans to external institutions
This service is aimed at external users who wish to consult resources available from the Library.



Library allows self-service photocopying of documents using the photocopiers in the Reading Room, through the acquisition of a card which is obtained from the Bursary (Tesouraria) Services of Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, provided that such activity complies with the applicable legislation, and especially the provisions of the Authors Rights Code and the Associated Rights, and BMSC is not responsible for any violation of the Law due to the practices of its users.



As part of the informational literacy strategy of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the Library also considers it has the mission to motivate and encourage good practices which involves planning and carrying out training activities for users, regarding the available services and resources and on technical aspects of accessing information.

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