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General Contacts
Address: Avenida de Berna, 26-C / 1069-061 Lisbon
Telephone: +351 21 790 83 00 Fax: +351 21 790 83 08

Management Board
Faculty Council, Dean, Scientific Council, Pedagogical Council, Student Council

Faculty Staff
Consult the faculty staff database, search by name, category or department

Student Services Area

Academic Services (DA)

  • Undergraduate Section (NL)
  • Masters' Section (NM)
  • Doctorate Section (ND)
  • Life-long Learning Section (NFLV)

Student Support Division (DAA)

  • Cooperation and International Relations Office(NCRI)
  • Centre for Student Support and Candidates (NAAC)
  • Centre for Professional Integration and Alumni (NIPAA)

Teaching and Research Support Area

Teaching Support Services (DAE)

  • Teaching Support Office (NAE)
  • Curricular Management Office (NGC)


Research Support Office (DAI)

  • Centre for Projects and Research Units (NPUI)
  • Researchers and Fellows Centre (NIB)


Direction and Advisory Council

  • Libraries and Documentation Services (DBD)
  1. Technical Centre (NT)
  2. Reading Centre (NL)
  3. Acquisitions, Loans and Trades Centre (NAEP)



Research Units

Resources and Management Area

Estates and Supplies Services (DPE)

  • Contracts and Acquisition of Goods and Services Office (NCABS)
  • Inventory and Stock Control Office (NIGS)
  • Works, Maintenance and Hardware Office (NAME)


Financial Management and Accounting Services (DGFC)

  • Financial Management, Budget and Accounting Office (NGFOC)
  • Research Projects Management Office (NGPI)
  • Bursary Office (NT)


Human Resources Services (HRD)

  • Employment Contracts Office (NCT)
  • Pay and Benefits Office (NVA)
  • Postal and Archive Office (NEA)


External Relations, Communication and Information Systems Division (DRECSI)

  • Marketing and Communication Office (NMC)
  • Fundraising Office (NF)
  • Information Technology Center (NI)


Planning and Management Support Division (DPAG)

  • Planning Office (NP)
  • Evaluation and Quality Office (NAQ)
  • Office for the Secretariats and Management Board (NAOG)

Moodle FCSH
Coordinator: Prof.ª Doutora Irene Tomé

Estates and Supplies Services
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