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English Language Teaching

(Inter-Faculty Master’s programme)

Academic field

Foreign Languages



Didactics; English; Training; Teachers; E-learning.



  • To develop knowledge in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL);
  • To promote digital literacy and intercultural communication by emphasizing the two factors that have, in recent history, constituted the greatest challenges to society and schools: the increasingly multilingual and multicultural dimension of our societies and the development of new technologies;
  • To discover new methodologies in TEFL;
  • To promote the continuing education of teachers of English as a foreign language;
  • To mobilize and apply forms of scientific, cultural and pedagogical knowledge acquired through the development of learning and assessment methods adequate to the specific needs of students and school environments;
  • To reflect on the ethical, social and cultural implications of the teaching profession within the context of contemporary world issues as these give rise to need for citizenship education;
  • To acquire research skills necessary for professional development.


Course Coordenation

Carlos Ceia


Study Plan

Students must complete 60 credits in the first and second semesters, 10 of which are obtained from any post-graduate course unit on offer at FCSH/NOVA or Universidade Aberta (UAb), or from any other foreign or national institution of higher learning with a bilateral agreement.

In each of the first two semesters, students will choose course units on offer for the given edition of the course.

The successful completion of the 60 credits that make up the curricular portion of the MA programme confers on students a diploma of post-graduate studies.

The post-curricular component necessary for obtaining the Master’s degree consists of a research dissertation or project work (30 credits).


Course offerings

Duration: 3 semesters

Consult the detailed curricular programme here.


Curricular Plan for 2016/17
Name ETCS Sem. Professor
Assessment and Learning Materials 10 2 Nicolas Hurst (FL-UPorto)
Vanessa Marie Boutefeu (FCSH)
Learning, Teaching and Researching 10 1 Allyson Jane Roberts (FCSH)
Maria Ellison (FL-UPorto)
Mastering Language Use and Usage 10 1 Jeffrey Scott Childs / Margarida Martins  (U.Aberta)
Principles and Practice in English Language Teaching 10 2 Ana Gonçalves Matos (FCSH)
Carolyn Leslie (FCSH)
Technology in English Language Teaching 10 1 Ana Paula Machado (UAberta)
David Hardisty (FCSH)
Students must also obtain 10 credits from free-elective options in course units taught at post-graduate level at FCSH/UNL, or at any other national or foreign higher education institution with a bilateral agreement
Optional final assignment
Dissertation in English Language Teaching 30
Project Work in English Language Teaching 30
To obtain a master's degree students must choose between the two types: Dissertation or Project Work


Teaching Staff


Specific application requirements

Graduate degree or equivalent with English variant;

At least 2 years of experience teaching English at the primary or secondary school level;

Level of proficiency in English: C1;

If the candidate can not provide proof of C1 level, he or she will be required to take a linguistic proficiency test.


Research centres

CETAPS - Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies


Applications | Number of openings | Fees

To know more about these topics visit Candidaturas.


Time schedule* for 1st Semester (course starting in 2016/2017):

- 12-25 de sept: training course for elearning;

- 26 de sept 6 de nov: module 1;

- 7 de nov. 6 de jan: module 2.

*This schedule is the same for the 3rd semester of the course initiated in 2015/2016


  • The first two weeks before the actual course commences will include familiarization with e-learning methods;
  • Each module has two weekly e-learning classes, each involving 1.5 hours;
  • The modules are conducted sequentially (7 weeks per module) = 21 hours of e-learning;
  • Each seminar requires the participation in and successful completion of 2 modules;
  • Each semester lasts for 14 weeks;
  • Assessment will be based on one research work per module and participation in the online forums;
  • All modules are taught in English.



E-mail: lí

Tel.: + 351 217908375 | Ext.: 1335/1297

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This is an e-learning MA programme taught in partnership with Universidade Aberta.

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