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Welcome to the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Pedro Hispano Doctoral Studies at Lisbon.


NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities is the top Portuguese higher education and research institution of social sciences and humanities. It was created in 1977 and has ever since hosted the development of a broad range of disciplines encompassing Anthropology, Sociology, Politics, History, Geography and Planning, Philosophy, Language and Communication Sciences, Literary Studies, Art History, and Music Sciences.

In 2009, NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities started to offer integrated doctoral programmes, bringing together the best of the Faculty’s teaching with the best of its research. These programmes soon became prestigious among the Portuguese-speaking world.

As over 800 PhD students are now taking courses or writing their dissertations, our doctoral education has become crucial piece of our mission to contribute to the society of knowledge and to create and disseminate the humanist culture.

Our commitment to foster academic excellence and internationalisation inspired the setting up of the Pedro Hispano Doctoral Studies Programme in 2012. The Programme brings together all NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities/NOVA’s doctoral pathways into a set of joint initiatives:

  • The Pedro Hispano Lisbon Graduate Conference, in which PhD candidates get together in Lisbon to present and discuss their research results. Panels are organised around key themes;
  • The Lisbon Winter School in Research Skills and Methods focused on the development of methodological and transferable skills;
  • A Mobility and Doctor Europaeus Initiative, to promote the international exchange of students and scholars and the award of the European University Association's Doctor Europaeus distinction, through our network of partner institutions.


The Pedro Hispano Programme is enriching the academic experience of doctoral students at NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, and its initiatives are open to PhD candidates and scholars from around the world. This is a key part of our commitment and contribution to place NOVA’s doctoral education and research among the best in Europe.

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