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European PhD


The European PhD title was created by the European University Association (EUA) with the purpose of promoting academic mobility for students attending the 3rd cycle of studies. The title is an instrument of major relevance for the academic internationalization of universities across Europe.

Within the framework of European PhD award,NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities has established partnerships with the higher education instituions below:

Legal Framework

Good practice in PhD education at NOVA

European PhD Exchange Agreement


Doctorate Section



How is the European PhD awarded?

The awarding of the European PhD requires the following:

a) A minimum period of study or research of one trimester, while preparing a thesis, in a university from a different European country;

b) Two favourable opinions approving the PhD thesis, issued by professors from two European higher education institution (HEI), from two different countries – one from the university where the student pursued the period of study and one from a different European HEI;

c) A member of the PhD committee must be one of the professors who issued the opinion aforementioned;

d) A segment of the PhD thesis must be in an official EU language, different from the one in which the thesis will be defended;


How is the study plan completed in the host institution authenticated?

The planning of the study or research period will be envisaged in the Protocol established between NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities and the host institution.


Is the European PhD a degree?

No. The European PhD is a title to be added to the doctorate degree, after the conclusion of the PhD programme, according to the requirements hereby stated.


How can I apply for the European PhD award?

The candidates to the European PhD must be enrolled in a doctoral programme in NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The application must include the minute of the committee’s first meeting, the two opinions evidenced in paragraph b), as well as a note indicating the EU official language in which a segment of the PhD thesis will be defended.


To whom shall my application be addressed?

The European PhD application must be addressed to the Rector of NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, after successfully completing the PhD exams.

A copy of the PhD thesis in printed paper and two copies in digital format must be handed in the Rectory, within a maximum of 30 days after the completion of the PhD exams (more details here).

If the application is accepted by the Rector, the title of European PhD will be included in the doctorate certificate.

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