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Artistic Studies - Art and Mediations | Funded by FCT



Coordinator: João Mário GriloNOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities


a) Provide students with contemporary theoretical, methodological and analytical tools thereby enabling them to engage

in advanced research projects in the field of art studies;

b) Establish and open up to student access a critical body of knowledge and methodologies on art with a high level of

internationalization and contemporary relevance;

c) Leverage the research opportunities resulting from the artistic objects and issues generated by the interdisciplinary

cross-referencing of both the methodologies and accumulated knowledge produced by the respective different social and

human sciences;

d) Set up a platform for critically reflecting on artistic practices and that will be able to support scientifically the implementation of Decree Law 230/2009 stipulating the terms and conditions for attributing doctoral degrees to the creators of artistic works and events and, more specifically within the academic framework of “explicit written justification of the process of design and production, the capacity for research and its respective place within the development of knowledge (on art).

Learning objectives:

a) Acquisition of high level analytical skills for the critical evaluation of artistic processes of creation and circulation;

b) Acquisition of methodological and theoretical tools for carrying out advanced and innovative levels of research in the field of art studies with the objective of completing a doctoral degree thesis or, in the case of work of art based doctoral degrees, the grounding required for such recognition;

c) Understanding the transversal nature of artistic objects, their influences and the implications for structuring social, political and cultural life;

d) Capacity to set out and discuss the development and the results of advanced art study research as well as participate in national and international academic events in this field or publications in peer-reviewed journals;

e) Capacity to apply the knowledge acquired to new problematic issues related to the field of art studies and their implications for the epistemologies of the human and social sciences.


Opening Date

Classes start on September 11, 2017. More information in Academic Calendar.

Vacancies and scholarships

12 vacancies

1 national scholarship and 3 mixed




Documents Required

The application is made online.

Documents to be submitted with the application:

- Brief description of current research interests in the area of the candidate's PhD programme (1 page maximum);

- Motivation letter with the research plan related with the objectives of the PhD programme;

- Academic, scientific and professional curriculum;

- Photocopy of Identity Card / Citizen Card / Passport;

- Photocopy of NIF;

- Photocopy of Qualification Certificate.


Access Conditions

1. Candidates must meet the conditions established by national law, by the regulations of the New University of Lisbon, and satisfy at least one of the following conditions:

a) To hold a degree of Master or legally equivalent;

b) To hold a degree of License or legally equivalent, and to detain a particularly relevant scientific, academic or artistic curriculum that can be recognized by the Scientific Council of NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities as enough capacity for following this study cycle;

c) To detain a particularly relevant scientific, academic, and specially artistic or professional curriculum that can be recognized by the Scientific Council of NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities as enough capacity for following this study cycle.

2. The recognition mentioned in b) and c) will be based on two recommendations produced by holders of doctoral degrees that are considered as specialists in the domain.

3. Candidates should submit a letter of intentions and a research program articulated with the nature of this Doctoral programme, its aims and objectives.


Curricular Structure

The curriculum of the doctoral programme includes the following courses:

  • Seminar on research methods in art studies - 10 ECTS
  • Thematic seminar on artistic studies - 10 ECTS
  • 2 optional seminars - 10 ECTS / each
  • Final work - 30 ECTS
  • PhD thesis - 150 ECTS

See more in UNL Guide


1 200 € / Year


NOVA FCSH - Professors:

João Mário Grilo

Salwa Castelo-Branco

Paulo Filipe Monteiro

João Constâncio

Margarida Brito Alves

Maria João Mayer Branco

Jorge Martins Rosa


Invited Professors:

Georges Didi-Huberman - École des Hautes-Études en Sciences Sociales

Marita Sturken - New York University

Ludger Schwarte - Dusseldorf

Philip Bohlman - University of Chicago


Participant Research Units

IFILNOVA - Philosophy of Language Institute

IHA - Institute for the History of Art

INET-MD - Ethnomusicology Institute - Music and Dance Research Centre




Tel.: + 351 21 790 83 21


Doctorate Section

Tower B, Floor 1


Tel: + 351 21 790 83 45 or + 351 21 790 83 00


Registration and Accreditations

  • Registration DGES: Link
  • Decision: Accredited
  • Number of Years of Accreditation: 6
  • Publication Date: 27-08-2012
  • Decision CA: Link
  • PAPNCE-A3ES (Process PERA/1718/1100886 under evaluation)
  • FCT PhD Programme 2012

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