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PhD Programmes



Biological Anthropology and Ethnoecology | Applied Anthropology, Development and Cooperation | Anthropology of Space and Cities | Anthropology of Migration, Ethnicity and Transnationalism | Policies and Images of Culture and Museology | Power, Resistance and Social Movements | Production, Consumption and Labour | Religion, Ritual and Performance

Anthropology: Politics and Displays of Culture and Museology (Funded by FCT) Information for academic year 2017/2018

Artistic Studies – Art and Mediation

Climate Changes and Sustainable Development Policy - Inter-University PhD’s programme (Funded by FCT)

Applications at ICS-ULisboa

Communication Sciences

Cinema and Television | Communication and Arts | Communication and Social Sciences | Communication and Language | Strategic Communication |Contemporary Culture and New Technologies | Argumentation Studies | Media and Journalism Studies | Communication Theory

Digital Media - Inter-University PhD’s programme

Education Sciences - Inter-University PhD’s programme

Applications at ISPA-IU

Gender Studies - Inter-University PhD’s programme

Applications at ISCSP-ULisboa

Geography and Territorial Planning

Environment and Natural Resources | Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems | Human Geography | Land Planning and Management | Land Use Planning and Development

Globalization Studies


Prehistory | Ancient History | Medieval History | Modern History | Discoveries and Portuguese Expansion History | Contemporary History | Archaeology | Historical Archival Studies

History of Art

History of the Art of Antiquity | Medieval Art History | Art History of the Modern Age | Contemporary Art History | Museology and Artistic Heritage | Art Theory

Human Ecology

International Relations

Security Studies and Strategy | Political Area Studies | Globalization and Environment | History and Theory of International Relations

Languages Teaching - Multilingualism and Education for a Global Citizenship - Inter-University PhD’s programme German teaching (FL/L2) French teaching (FL/L2) Spanish teaching (FL/L2) English teaching (FL/L2) Portuguese as a Foreign Language (FL/L2) Portuguese teaching (L1) Applications at UAb


Lexicology, Lexicography and Terminology | Linguistic Studies of Text and Discourse | Linguistics and Language Teaching | General Linguistics | Historical Linguistics | Portuguese Linguistics | Pragmatics | Psycholinguistics | Sociolinguistics

Medieval Studies - Inter-University PhD’s programme (provided in e-learning)

Modern Literatures and Cultures - Inter-University PhD’s programme

Cultural Studies | Literary Studies | Comparative Literary Studies

Musical Arts - Inter-University PhD’s programme

Music Dramaturgy and Staging | Music Performance

Musicology | Funded by FCT

Historical Musicology | Education and Psychology of Music | Ethnomusicology

Political Science

Elites and Political Behaviour | Institutions and Political Processes | Theory and Political Analysis | Public Policies

Portuguese Studies

Teaching Portuguese | Classical Studies | Comparative Studies | Cultural Studies | Studies in Literature | Book History and Textual Criticism | Traditional and Oral Literature | Literatures and Cultures of the Portuguese Language


Philosophical Anthropology | Aesthetics | Philosophy of Culture | Epistemology and Philosophy of Culture | Moral and Political Philosophy | History of Philosophy | Logic and Philosophy of Language | Ontology and the Philosophy of Nature

Sociology - Inter-University PhD's programme

Applications at ICS-ULisboa

Translation and Terminology - Inter-University PhD’s programme

Translation Studies- Inter-University PhD’s programme

Applications at Universidade Católica

Urban Studies - Inter-University PhD's programme

Will not open new admissions to academic year 2018/2019

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