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The faculty staff of NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities is mainly composed of highly qualified tenured professors, with a 98% rate of faculty members with PhDs. The training challenges demanded by society nowadays also imply that in certain courses, guest lecturers are used, mainly with PhDs, who are competent and prestigious professionals in areas considered indispensible to the training of students.

Almost all of the academic staff belong to research units, which are, in large part, financed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) of the Ministry of Education and Science. A significant number of these units have been classified as either Very Good or Excellent by external evaluation panels. These also receive Doctoral and post-Doctorate scholarship holders and from the FCT Ciência programme, as well as a quite significant number of foreign researchers.

The research activities that have been carried out have led to closer ties between research and teaching, which is indispensible to developing teaching at a true university level. The academic staff involved in research units and/or research projects also carries out, along with other postgraduate researchers, the training of young researchers.

By consulting the faculty staff database, it is possible to view a sample of the results of the research work developed by the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities academic staff, as well as other relevant activities. Please do your search by name, category or department.

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