Joana Cunha Leal

History of Art
Assistant Professor



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Scientific areas

  • Art theory
  • Art History's theory and practices
  • Historiography of Art History
  • Modernism
  • Urban Studies

Research Projects

  • Modernismos Ibéricos e o Imaginário Primitivista; IR
  • Southern Modernisms (2014-2015; EXPL/CPC-HAT/0191/2013); IR
  • Other Modernisms? The case of Amadeo Souza Cardoso (2011; Fulbright); IR
  • “A Arquitectura Popular em Portugal”. Uma leitura crítica (2010-2013; PTDC/AUR-AQI/099063/2008; researcher)

Selected Publications

  • 2013, To and Fro: Modernism and Vernacular Architecture/ ed. Joana Cunha Leal, Maria Helena Maia e Alexandra Cardoso. Porto: Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo da CESAP/ESAP, 239 pags (isbn: 978-972-8784-47-8)
  • 2010, “On the Strange Place of Public Art in Contemporary Art Theory”, On The W@terfront. - Barcelona: Polis , N.16 (Dec), pp. 35-52 (issn 1139 7365; available on-line www.ub.edu/escult/Water)
  • 2010, “Uma entrada para Entrada. Amadeo, a historiografia e os territórios da pintura”, Intervalo. – Lisboa: Vendaval, N. 4, pp.133-153 (issn 1646-2696)
  • 2010, “The Pombaline effect: Lisbon’s Dwellings in Late Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries”, Ist International Meeting EAHN European Architectural History Network – CD of Papers – Guimarães: CHAM, EAUM, EAHN, 2010 (Isbn 978-989-96163-2-5), pp. 430-435.
  • 2008, “Changing Perspectives: historiography and critical discourses concerning the Pombaline Reconstruction of Lisbon”, ACTA HISTORIAE ARTIUM (redigit E. Marosi). – Budapest: Institut for Art History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, T. XLIX, pp. 247-254 (issn 00015830)

Academic training

Year Degree Area Institution Grade
Art History - Contemporary
very good cum laude

Relevant Professional Experience

  • 2017 - Director of the Art History Institute - FCSH-NOVA
  • 2013-2017 - Member of the Scientific Council of FCSH-NOVA
  • 2013 - Coordinator of the Art History Master (FCSH-NOVA)
  • 2012-2017 - Co-coordinator of the Urban Studies Master (FCSH-NOVA and ISCTE-IUL)
  • 2010 - Member of the Directive Board of the Art History Institute - FCSH-NOVA
  • 2010 – Fellow of The Stone Summer Theory Institute – “Beyond the Aesthetics and the Anti-Aesthetics” (Chicago, 18–24 July 2010)
  • 2009 to the present – PhD Seminar on Art Theory of the Department of Art History, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences.
  • 2008-2011 - invited lecturer of the PhD program Espacio Público y Regeneración Urbana (Public Space and Urban Regenerating) of the Universitat de Barcelona. PhD programme with a quality mention of the Ministry of Innovación y Ciencia of Spain

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