Sandie Mourão

Modern Languages, Cultures and Literatures
Invited Assistant Professor



Teaching languages


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Scientific areas

  • Early years language education
  • Teaching English to young learners
  • Illustrated children's literature and picturebooks
  • Literature and film in language education
  • Play and language development
  • Classroom research
  • Teacher education
pre-primary, early years, primary, young learners, picturebooks, play, assessment, teacher education, classroom research.

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Selected Publications

  • Mourão, S. (2018). Playing in English: the emerging voices of pre-primary children in a foreign language context. In F. Copland, & S. Garton, (Eds.), Voices from the TESOL Classroom: Participant Inquiries in Young Learner Classes. Alexandria, Vir: TESOL.
  • Mourão, S. (2018). The social and linguistic benefits of peer interaction in a foreign language-learning programme. In M. Schwartz (Ed.) Preschool Bilingual Education: Agency in Interactions between Children, Teachers, and Parents. Multilingual Education Series. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer
  • Lourenço, M. & Mourão, S. (2018). Learning English (and other languages) in Portugal, Language Issues, 28(2), 53-55.
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  • Mourão, S. (2015). What’s real and what’s not: playing with the mind in wordless picturebooks. In J. Evans, (ed.) Challenging and Controversial Picturebooks: Creative and Critical Responses to Visual Texts. Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Mourão, S. (2015). Response to picturebooks: A case for valuing children’s linguistic repertoires during repeated read alouds. In S. Mourão, & M. Lourenço, (ed.) Early Years Second Language Education: International Perspectives on Theories and Practice. Abingdon: Routledege.
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  • Dias, A. & Mourão, S. (2005). Inglês no 1.º ciclo – práticas partilhadas. [English in primary – shared practices] Porto: ASA Editores.

Academic training

Year Degree Area Institution Grade
Teacher education and didactics
University of Aveiro
University of Manchester
Creative Arts
Nottingham Trent University

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