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Wireless Internet Access

Wireless access at FCSH and other locations

NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities members are granted wireless Internet connectivity in most of the campus area.

Two wireless networks are available: a free access network and the eduroam network, this one requiring a login. Eduroam is an international academic network, allowing Internet access in many universities around the world, with a single identity (NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities ID, in the case of our members). NOVA University dorms are also covered by eduroam access.

Eduroam authentication

When a student or professor becomes a member of the institution, he receives an eduroam access, as one of the services granted by her NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities ID. This identity also allows her to access the email, the Intranet and to free download, at home or elsewhere, scientific papers and journals subscribed by NOVA University.

For students, the authentication is formed the following way:

Login: (an 'a' followed by student's number; e.g. a46734)
Password: (the one supplied by Academic Service to access "Secretaria Virtual")

Eduroam network login should include the domain name: e.g.

Configuring eduroam

In your laptop or smartphone you should follow these steps:

Set up a new wireless connection
Manually create a network profile
Network name: eduroam
Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption type: AES
Check "Start this connection automatically"
Check "Connect even if network is not broadcasting"
Username should include the domain name. e.g.

At FCSH Intranet you will find detailed configuration information for different operating systems.


Technical support

For additional support, please contact Gabinete de Informática:

Phone: 217908300, ext. 1291
Location: FCSH/NOVA, Building B2, ground floor (weekdays, from 9 am to 6 pm)


More information on eduroam

Please visit for further information.

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