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Over 23 years old

The Education System Basic Law preserves the right of access to the 1st cycle of higher education (bachelor’s degree) to individuals who, without a secondary school degree, or equivalent, provide proof of aptitude for their attendance.

This special candidacy aims to promote equal opportunities in learning throughout life.

Individuals who complete 23 years of age until December 31 of the year before the examinations can sign up for the exams, with their registration submitted at the higher education institution where the applicant intends to study.

For consultation:

Decree-Law no 64/2006 of 21 March, the Special Conditions of Access and Entry into Higher Education

Regulation No 98/2012 - Evaluation Regulation of frequency capability of the degrees of FCSH / NOVA



The successful applicants in this candidacy should submit their application to the respective course within the deadlines.





Openings posted - 03.07.2015 Academic Division – FCSH/NOVA




Online Registration

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Academic Division – FCSH/NOVA




Academic Division – FCSH/NOVA

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Academic Division – FCSH/NOVA


Exam Results for Over 23 year old candidates

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Apply here :


Documents to be submitted:

1. Copy of Identity Card / Citizen Card / Passport

2. Copy of Tax Identification number (in the case of not having a Citizen Card);


Payment: Registration fee - 70€


Courses and Openings

Course Openings
Anthropology 6
Archaeology 2
Political Science and International Relations 12
Communication Sciences 12
Language Sciences 1
Musicology 2
Portuguese Studies 1
Philosophy 3
Geography and Regional Planning 3
History 5
Art History 2
Languages, Literatures and Cultures 6
Sociology 6
Sociology (Night) 3
Translation 6



The annual amount set for tuition fees* for bachelor’s degrees in 2015/2016 is € 1,063.47, an amount that may be paid in the following categories, at ATMs or the Treasury of the Faculty:

1st mode: Full payment of tuition;

2nd mode: two installments, the first in the amount of € 531.74, payable upon registration and the second, amounting to € 531.73 by 31 March;

3rd mode: 6 monthly installments: five amounting to € 177.25 each, one should be paid at registration; and the sixth installments of € 177.22

School Insurance - € 2.00, to be paid during registration

Administrative cost - 35 €, to be paid during registration

*Reading this information does not replace consulting the fees regulations for the respective school year



Current Fees

NOVA amendment to the fees table - Resolution No. 875/2014 - April 4, 2014

Directive for Tuition for Bachelor’s Degrees



NAAC - Center for Student Support and Candidates


DA - Academic Division | Undergraduates

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