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Special Categories

Conditions for Access

Candidacy for higher education through special regimes is carried out annually, and the Directorate of Higher Education (DGES) coordinates the respective processes for access and entry in this field.

The applications are submitted exclusively in person, at the Offices for Access to Higher Education or under agreed terms according to the special regime under which the student is applying.

For more information about the schedule and other conditions for access, see the information available at the DGES for each category.



Portuguese Diplomatic Mission Abroad

Portuguese scholarship holders abroad or Public Officials on Official Mission Abroad

Officers in the Armed Forces

Scholarship holders of the PALOPs

Foreign Official Diplomatic Mission in Portugal

High Performance Sports Practitioners

East Timor Nationals


The annual amount set for tuition fees* for bachelor’s degrees in 2015/2016 is € 1,063.47, an amount that may be paid in the following categories, at ATMs or the Treasury of the Faculty:

1st mode: Full payment of tuition;

2nd mode: two installments, the first in the amount of € 531.74, payable upon registration and the second, amounting to € 531.73 by 31 March;

3rd mode: 6 monthly installments: five amounting to € 177.25 each, one should be paid at registration; and the sixth installments of € 177.22

School Insurance - € 2.00, to be paid during registration

Administrative cost - 35 €, to be paid during registration

*Reading this information does not replace consulting the fees regulations for the respective school year.

Current Fees

Directive for Tuition for Bachelor’s Degrees



NAAC - Center for Student Support and Candidates

DA - Academic Division | Undergraduates


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