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NOVA Doctoral School

Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities – Pedro Hispano programme.

Under the framework of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa's strategic plan for 2012/2016, which set creation of the NOVA Doctoral School, the FCSH has launched the Doctoral Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities – Pedro Hispano Programme. The Programme has the mission of promoting quality, interdisciplinarity and internationalisation of all FCSH's doctoral studies, as well as of developing activities of common interest.

Under the aegis of the Pedro Hispano Programme, a set of initiatives will be held from the academic year of 2012/2013 onwards: a Doctoral Summer School, organised around relevant issues in the Social Sciences and Humanities, a Doctoral Winter School, focused on the development of methodological and transferable skills, and a Graduate Conference where PhD candidates present and discuss their research.

In line with the goal of internationalising FCSH's doctoral studies, the Pedro Hispano Programme will adopt English as working language and coordinate all the initiatives related to the recruitment of international students, the mobility of PhD candidates, and the award of the European University Association's Doctor Europaeus distinction.

The patron of the programme, Pedro Hispano, was born in Lisbon in the early thirteenth century. He studied at the University of Paris and was professor of medicine at the University of Siena, where he wrote the treatise on logic Summulae Logicales, which became a reference work in European academia for more than three centuries. Pedro Hispano was elected Pope in 1276 and adopted the name of John XXI.

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