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Conferência: "Soulscapes"

O quê
  • Científico
Quando 2018-06-18
de 16:30 até 16:30
Onde Auditório 2 (Torre B, Piso 3)
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Organização: Ana Firmino

Orador: Leonor Malik

The Genius Loci is at the centre of landscape research, be it from the perspective of natural or social sciences, the humanities or design disciplines. Genius loci has been defined as the spirit of the place characterising a particular landscape (Pedroli, 2000, 15). Although modern society seems to have lost the ability to observe the landscape as a whole, and be aware of a sense of belonging and identity (Senge et al., 2004), in many places of Europe “people continued to worship the natural characteristics of the landscape as a source of truth, beauty and justice” (Pinto Correia et al., 2018, 6).

“Soulscapes: in search of genius loci” intends to provoke a scientific reflection on how landscape reveals the way people relate to their physical and spiritual environment (Bockemuehl, 1992, 13). Intrigued by the assumption that “every place should have a spirit” (Day, 1990, 107), we invite interested researchers and students to enter into dialogue about the homogenising of the landscape due to which gradually the genii loci are lost (Antrop, 2000, 32).


Valor da entrada: 50€ (inclui 2 coffee-breaks, almoço e documentação)


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