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Conferência: "Strategies of Ethnic Tourism Development in China"

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  • Científico
Quando 2018-10-11
de 15:00 até 17:00
Onde Auditório 1 (Torre B, Piso 1)
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Organização: Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia (CRIA)

Orador: Nelson Graburn (Professor Emeritus in Sociocultural Anthropology at University of California, Berkeley)


China's population of 1.3 billion includes fifty-six official nationalities or minzu of which 110 million, nearly 10%, are "minority” (i.e. non-Han) ‘small nationalities, or ‘ethnic groups’, found mostly in Southern and Western provinces. Most of the rural people are poor and so have been subject to development efforts. Under Mao Zedong development was promoted through education and technical advancements, and “backward customs” such as polygamy, foot-binding, superstition and religion were banned. After the opening up of 1978, narrowing the gap between minzu and the majority Han has focused on poverty alleviation through education and wage labor. Prime has been the promotion of domestic tourism to rural areas where ethnic “difference” is maintained through traditional performances and products, ironically often reviving formerly banned cultural forms.


Entrada livre.

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