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Conferência: "The Chicago School and European Sociology"

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  • Científico
  • sociologia
Quando 2016-06-20
de 18:00 até 22:00
Onde Auditório 3 (Torre B, Piso 3)
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Organização: Departamento de Sociologia - Doutoramento em Sociologia

Orador: Ray Hutchison (Cátedra Santander - Professor of Sociology Public and Environmental Affairs University of Wisconsin-Green Bay)


The work of Robert Park, Ernest Burgess, and other sociologists of the Chicago School has had a powerful influence on the development of sociology and, especially, on urban sociology in the United States and beyond. But the work and influence has been viewed very differently in the US and in Europe -- human ecology long dominated urban sociology in the United States, but urban ethnography did not continue to have a major role, while in the EU the ethnographic studies of Park and Burgess' students have been viewed as the most important contribution.

And while there is a direct connection between the work of Thomas Dewey, Erving Goffman, and others with the University of Chicago, their work has not been regarded as part of the Chicago School.

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