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Seminário: "Writing Mozambique's History"

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  • Científico
Quando 2017-05-18
de 14:00 até 16:00
Onde Sala 0.06 (Edifício ID)
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Organização: Instituto de História Contemporânea da FCSH/NOVA e Centro de Estudos Sobre África, Ásia e América Latina do ISEG

Oradora: Jeanne Penvenne (Universidade de Tufts, EUA)


Nona e última sessão do ciclo 2016/2017 do seminário "Marcas do Império – Colonialismo e Pós Colonialismo na Época Contemporânea", organizado por Maria José Lobo Antunes (ICS), Mário Machaqueiro (IHC-FCSH/NOVA), Paulo Jorge Fernandes (IHC-FCSH/NOVA) e Pedro Aires Oliveira (IHC-FCSH/NOVA).

Since 1975 Mozambican history has experienced an extraordinary flowering of new research, new scholarly publications, visual sources, and new media in a panorama of disciplines and from around the world. The veil of silence and censorship maintained by the New State ended in the mid-1970s, but the regional destabilization and Frelimo's Marxist / Leninist posture combined to chill the potential of historical research for another generation.

Nonetheless, new generations of Mozambican historians were trained, and they have been joined in the archives and field by scores of scholars from Portugal and around the world.

This is an extraordinarily exciting time to focus on Mozambican history. We have so much to learn. So many new voices have joined a conversation, but so many thousands more have yet to have their realities seriously embraced. Vernacular languages, taped narratives and mapped layers will undoubtedly lead scholars to completely unanticipated yet deeply meaningful conversations.

The seminar will probe these avenues. How do the questions posed by different disciplines lead to richer entanglements? How do we more critically read colonial archives and newspapers? How do we listen more attentively to history performed, sung and painted?


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