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Workshop: "Breaking silences with object-centred approaches"

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  • Científico
Quando 2018-11-15 09:30 até
2018-11-16 17:30
Onde Museu Nacional de Arqueologia
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Organização: Instituto de História Contemporânea da NOVA FCSH, Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência e Museu Nacional de Arqueologia


Scientific/Organizing Committee

Marta Lourenço (MUHNAC-UL)
Maria Margaret Lopes (FCI – Universidade de Brasília)
Maria de Fátima Nunes (Univ. Évora / IHC-CEHFCi-UE)
António Carvalho (MNA – DGPC)
Elisabete Pereira (IHC-CEHFCi-UE-NOVA FCSH)

Executive Committee

Alexandra Marques (IHC-CEHFCi-UE-NOVA FCSH)
Ângela Salgueiro (IHC-CEHFCi-UE-NOVA FCSH)
Elisabete Pereira (IHC-CEHFCi-UE)
Quintino Lopes (IHC-CEHFCi-UE)


Heritage objects have the capability to break silences surrounding the history of science, collecting and knowledge production practices. By retracing the objects trajectory this enriches historiographical narratives as regards museums and their historic collections, their processes of the formation, transfer, dispersal, sale and, sometimes, disappearance. This methodology highlights the heterogeneous nature of actors and sites that channeled objects to museums, as well as the existence of extensive networks of communication and collaborative work.

This workshop intends to consider object-centered approaches reflecting on how these methodologies can be used to communicate global and local histories on the emergence and development of scientific culture and the latent potentials of innovative exhibition practices based on the invisibilities of the history of collections and museums.

The participation in the workshop requires a pre-registration, by completing the form which should be sent to the email breakingsilences.workshop@gmail.com

The registration is free.

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