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"I Am Not There": International Conference on Bob Dylan

Submissão de artigos até 26 de janeiro de 2017
Quando 2017-05-18 00:00 até
2017-05-19 00:00
Onde Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas
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Telefone do Contacto 966859029
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Organização: CETAPS e CESEM


CETAPS and CESEM decided to analyze and celebrate the aesthetic, historical, political, and cultural significance of Bob Dylan’s musical, literary and artistic (visual) work, as well as its influence(s). Potential contributors are invited to submit a bionote and a 300 word abstract on themes related to any of the following conference tracks (by 05-Jan-2017, to the conference email: 

• Influences in/of Dylan’s music; 
• Bob Dylan and awards; 
• The ‘power’ of the Nobel prize for literature; 
• The alter-egos and personas of Robert Zimmerman/Bob Dylan (Blind boy Grunt, Bob Landy, Tedham Porterhouse, etc.); 
• Dylan’s music videos; 
• Dylan in/as performance; 
• Dylan and religion; 
• Art, activism, protest, and social unrest; 
• Dylan on stage - presence, performance and liveliness; 
• Dylanesque spaces and places; 
• Influences in/of Dylan’s visual art; 
• Intertextuality in Dylan’s lyrics, music and videos (text-music relationship); 
• Intermediality in musical genres and practices; 
• Lyrics as/and poetry/literary narratives; 
• Dylan depicted (visual biographies, photography, press and record [album] covers, official website); 
• Dylan in cyberspace (myspace, facebook, youtube, etc); 
• Dylan’s songs; 
• Dylan as trend-setter; 
• Musical style(s) in Dylan; 
• Bob Dylan in the classroom; 
• Adaptation of Dylan’s texts as children’s literature; 
• Dylan in/and translation; 
• Dylan’s fandom; 
• Academia and Dylan’s fandom; 
• Music as a social and political agent in Dylan’s and other composers’ production; 
• Dylan, music and the moving image (cinema, documentary, television, internet); 
• The roles and ideologies of musical, literary and artistic criticism: after Dylan; 
• Gender and music; 
• Listening to Dylan: social behaviors, musical taste, consumption patterns.


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